If someone is from a different country you can usually tell they are different from their accent.  In the same way as Christians can others around us tell the difference?  Find out what it means to take a Risk and be different from the world in this message.

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
Live Billy Ritchie 01/01/1970 00:40:03 Audio Video
Show Up George Ridley 04/11/2018 00:43:06 Audio Video
Relate Mark Sherratt 11/11/2018 00:41:46 Audio Video
Risk James Fokkens 18/11/2018 00:40:58 Audio Video

God calls all of us as believers to risk ourselves to align with His heartbeat for humanity. Jesus and his disciples lived this invitational life, and in doing so they changed the world. And we want to encourage you to do the same.


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