Humble Yourself Like a Child

Jesus demands that we humble ourselves like a child so that we might enter heaven.  What did Jesus mean by this?  And how can we take on child-like qualites?  Find out in this message.

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
You Must Be Born Again Fola Komolafe 02/07/2017 00:46:21 Audio Video
Take Up Your Cross And Follow Me Andrew Shearman 09/07/2017 00:39:53 Audio Video
Love God with all your Heart, Soul and Mind James Fokkens 16/07/2017 00:41:17 Audio Video
Humble Yourself Like a Child Mark Sherratt 23/07/2017 00:39:57 Audio Video

In the New Testament Jesus gave a number of instructions. These demands when obeyed can lead us on a path to life and joy.


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